Attitudinal Healing International Webinar series 2018

Attitudinal Healing trainers and presenters from around the world will share their wisdom and creative Attitudinal Healing programs in a series of online webinars offered on the third Tuesday of each month throughout 2018. Times will vary based on the location of the presenter. We hope you join us for the next session in this exciting series!

The Power To Choose Program
A model for creating a more compassionate generation of future leaders

with Tasha Abdou, President & Marie Abanga, Secretary General
Cameroon Centre of Attitudinal Healing

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 at 19:00 Amsterdam time

There is no set fee to attend this online webinar. Instead, we request a donation on a sliding scale of $10.00 to $50.00. Your one-time donation will serve as your webinar registration and support Attitudinal Healing Connection Oakland, as well as the development of future AHInternational online programs. This webinar will be recorded and available for replay after the live session.

Space is limited – please register before Tuesday, 10 April 2018.

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No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you have questions, or are unable to register via credit card, please contact Trish Ellis at or call (877) 244-3392 ex. 702.


In this webinar, Tasha Abdou and Marie Abanga from Attitudinal Healing Cameroon will share their award-winning implementation of the Attitudinal Healing Power to Choose Youth Program, as a model for empowering compassionate future leaders. There will be time for questions and answers at the end of the presentation.

The Webinar focuses on the program from four perspectives:
1) Community needs, beneficiaries and cultural adaptations
2) Successful implementation, feedback and planning for the future
3) Stakeholders involvement
4) Lessons learned

Tasha Abdou is a teacher, trainer, coach, facilitator and program operations manager, with advanced expertise in secondary and high school education, curriculum design and cross cultural relations. Tasha learned of Attitudinal Healing in 2002 at a low point in his life, when he spent the last money he had to buy a copy of the book “Love Is Letting Go Of Fear.” In 2011, he and a few friends formed the Cameroon Centre for Attitudinal Healing, and in 2014 he received the Jampolsky Award for his innovative implementations of the Power to Choose Youth Program.
A lawyer by profession, Marie Abanga is equally a consultant, a dynamic and passionate advocate of Women’s rights, a mental health advocate and wellbeing coach, a motivational speaker, and an author. As a consultant, Marie has managed the African Region of the Women In Parliament Global Forum and collaborates with the Black European Women’s Council. Marie joined the Cameroon Attitudinal Healing Center in September 2017 following a referral from an Attitudinal Healing International member based in the USA.

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