Attitudinal Healing Around the World

Attitudinal Healing International

Attitudinal Healing Around the World

2018 featured AHI Global Webinars broadcast from Centers for Attitudinal Healing in Pakistan, Mexico,Dominican Republic, Cameroon, The Netherlands, France, Costa Rica, Australia, and the United States

This year AHI launched an exciting new webinar series featuring inspiring and dynamic speakers from the Attitudinal Healing International community. Each month different speakers offered online presentations on relevant and evocative topics including:

Attitudinal Healing and Addiction Treatment, Healing Trauma in ChildrenThe Scientific Basis of Attitudinal HealingTrusting Inner WisdomConflict ResolutionOvercoming Loss and The Eternal Quest for Happiness.

NOV 20 – Change Your Mind, Change Your World
DEC 18 – Healing Chronic Pain, Stress, Anxiety and Depression

You may use this link to register for upcoming and previous webinars.



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