Carol Howe

A special message to those feeling sick, worried, or in pain

Een mooi, weliswaar Engelstalig, verhaal van Carol Howe ter bemoediging in deze vreemde Coronatijd.
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1) Health requires inner peace and we’ll look at ways to establish that peace
2) Give yourself permission to be noticed and loved
3) The heart is wiser than the brain; let it lead


Today I’m speaking with you via audio because I do not want you to try to watch a video. If you’re at home, in the hospital, or generally feeling terrible, I’m right there with you. In times when I’ve felt ill or down, the most wonderful gift is another person’s presence, and especially when that person is willing to just be with me and hold my hand. I want to do that for you so that you know we’re thinking of you and sending love your way.


Health – physical, mental, or emotional – requires inner peace, which can only happen when the stress response is turned off and normal body chemistry restored. In our time together today, we’ll look at ways to do that. Fear, which initiates and increases that stress, is fundamentally the absence of love so we can do something about this. No matter how dire the current circumstances, we can choose to change our minds about ourselves and accept the ever-present gift that we are unconditionally loved. This is so, no matter all our mistakes of thought, word, or deed. Nothing is keeping track except our own ego habits. Time to let those go!

Take a deep breath, bring your attention to right here and now, and allow a soft and gentle peace to flow around you as you rest. (The key word is “allow!”)

Sending you much love and peace,


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